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Let’s create together. Better

every time.

We’ll support your success. Hear what you need. And make Crowdfunding by BackerKit better every time. So your next campaign is always your most successful.
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backers make it better

“Backers make it possible to make innovative games like Invisible Sun, which we couldn't have made otherwise.”

Tammie Webb Ryan | Monte Cook Games
Backers make crowdfunding special. They don’t just fund projects and make purchases. They motivate, inspire, shape and grow projects, and go on the journey with you.

We’re building Crowdfunding by BackerKit to give creators more space and opportunity to collaborate with backers, build closer relationships, and have more successful projects.

Built from your ideas.

Like always, creators are our guiding light. Creators across a range of categories help us build Crowdfunding by BackerKit. We learn from their experiences, share ideas, and test together.
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“Their experience and understanding of creators’ needs make them uniquely qualified”

Isaac Childres | Cephalofair
Cephalofair is the creator of Frosthaven, the most successful crowdfunded tabletop game ever. Their feedback and encouragement played an instrumental role in driving BackerKit to embark on creating a crowdfunding platform.
Frosthaven game by Cephalofair
what we offer

Tools for your whole journey.

We build products to support campaigns every step of the way. Everything plays nicely with other platforms too, so whatever you need from BackerKit, you got it.
Pledge management
Pre-order store
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“BackerKit gave me the the tools and support needed to launch my biggest project ever.”

Rachel Ruck | Corviforms
A long-standing BackerKit customer, Rachel asked BackerKit to develop a crowdfunding platform in early 2022. She went on to contribute to our platform’s development and launch our first ever project.

Here to help.

If you’ve ever chatted with our support team, you know how much they love to help you succeed. Every creator who launches a crowdfunding campaign on BackerKit can expect the same support.
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A Mini Museum artifact by Mini Museum
mini museum

“An awesome experience with better tools to unlock the full potential of our community.”

Jamie Grove | Mini Museum
Mini Museum has grown alongside BackerKit since 2014. They are excited to explore new ways to empower their community to create projects built on the Mini Museum legacy using Crowdfunding by BackerKit.